Awaso Students

Student Sponsorship:

#478 Sylvester Atta Junior
#481 Glondy Adjei Banahene

100 % of your sponsorship dollars go directly to Awaso Academy. Remember that your donation results in a 50¢ per dollar tax credit. $400 each year covers approximately 2/3 of each student’s annual costs.

By supporting a child at the school, you are enabling the education of a generation and Father Paul’s vision of lifting people out of poverty. We cannot provide direct communication to each student for reasons of safety and privacy. You will be updated, however, twice a year with a newsletter and, most years, a picture of your student sent from the school. When the president of the school comes to Canada for our annual fundraiser, he will bring letters from your students with him, and they will be forwarded to you. Please let us know any changes to your email and mailing address so we can send you updates.

Your donation provides:

2 meals per day
School uniform
Curriculum costs
Gas for busing
Teacher salaries

Sponsorship Fee: Sponsorship Fee is $400.00 CAD/year
Coordinators: Carmina Thomson
Phone: 780-621-7861
Address: Box 123 Buck Creek, Alberta T0C 0S0