Our mission is to enable the people to help themselves through providing education for the children of Awaso, Ghana.

Highlights of the Year1

Main Objectives of the Project

  • Assist children to pass Ghana government educational exams at grade 9 level. These exams determine if the students can continue their education. “Rural Ghana” has a history of a low percentage of students passing the exams.
  • Encourage the parents and students to improve their living conditions by example and providing employment to the local people while developing this project.
  • Provide adult technical training in the areas of welding, carpentry, home economics, mechanics, plumbing (including training in building and maintaining septic systems), electricians, first aid, and financial management
  • Enable the people to “help themselves through education”. There is work available with local industries such as the Bauxite mine and lumber mill if the residents are trained. This employment of local people will improve the quality of life in the community
Our Project
Our Project

Giving the people of Awaso, Ghana, Africa “a hand up not a hand out.”

What is Awaso?
What is Awaso?

It is Father Paul Mensah’s dream of ending the cycle of poverty in his home village of Awaso, Ghana.

Contact Our Directors
Contact Our Directors

We welcome the help of companies, organizations and individuals who want to change lives in Ghana.

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We welcome all volunteers to help support Awaso Canadian Academy Foundation. We need sponsorship of students because it is the main source of revenue for the academy, however, any donation large or small is very much appreciated and 100% goes to the project with no administration fees. Call 780-542-5782 for more information.